How to Decide on Your Best Virtual Assistant Services

November 10, 2019
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How to Decide on Your Best Virtual Assistant Services

Before defining your best Virtual Assistant services, there is one important task that you need to do that will form the bedrock of your business. It will set the template for how you work, who you want to work with and what services will work the best for you.

When starting to plan how you want your perfect business to look, you might make a list of your strengths and weaknesses. You probably remember being asked this in a job interview and having a stock answer that you rolled out. Mine was always “I’m a perfectionist, so I can be over critical of my work” – a weakness that sounds like a strength to most employers!

Interviewers are often translating your answers to see how you align your personality strengths to the components of the job. They’re not that interested in what your strengths are, but more about how you use them to your advantage.

At the beginning of the VA Mentorship Programme, we build these foundations first, so that you have something to refer back to as you go. You build your business around YOU.

How your strengths influence your best virtual assistant services.

Aligning your virtual assistant services to your personality strengths (let’s skip the weaknesses) and thinking about HOW they make you good at what you do, will ensure that you design your services in line with what you enjoy.

Let’s give it a go with my example.

How would being a perfectionist influence your work? Perhaps it means you always double-check your work – ACCURATE. On the other hand, it means you don’t like to have a messy workspace or a cluttered calendar – ORGANISED. Do you see how we can work out a list of your strengths from HOW you work? You might hate taking minutes, but are actually brilliant at it because you are good at LISTENING.

Think about how you have worked in the past, go through your past three jobs and list all the things you were good at and the corresponding strength.

Once you have your list of personality strengths, you can use them to bounce ideas off about which services work best with each of them. They don’t all have to be administrative services that you can do now. Include ones that you would like to learn and these can go on your upskill list for later.

This is the first step to working out which virtual assistance services might be a good fit for your business.

Match your ideal clients with your values.

The next step is to make a list of what your VALUES are, or what values you respect in other people.

Values are what place as important in who you are, the way that you live your life and the way that you work. They should be your priorities in life, and when they are met, it feels like your life is pretty good!

If you’re finding it hard to choose, then an easy way to do this is to think of a time when you were really happy. What were you doing? Who were you with? What else led to the feelings of happiness? When did you feel really proud of what you were doing? Who else felt proud of you? When did you feel that your life felt fulfilling? Why did it feel that way?

Example words such as RESPONSIBILITY, TOLERANCE, HONESTY, or RECOGNITION. These are what are important to you, but also form the basis for what you look for in others. Pick out your top values. They should make you feel good about yourself and would be things you would stand up for, even if they weren’t popular with others.

Live your best, with your best life values.

Life values can be priorities for you too – e.g. putting your family first, or being yourself. These values will probably be similar, or the same as the previous values, but will also be firm foundations for HOW you want to work.

If FAMILY is one of your values, which is also one of your life priorities, you won’t want to work a 60-hour week and never see them. If you do, then you will end up stressed and resenting your business because it is compromising your values.

So as you can see, working out what your personality strengths and core values are before even thinking of the next steps in building your VA business, means you will find it easier to narrow down which are going to be your best virtual assistant services and also who are going to be your best clients.

Take some time to work through the steps above. If you set the foundations now, you’ll end up loving your business, loving your clients and therefore loving your life.

If you would like some more information on how to create a successful Virtual Assistant business with my VA Mentorship Programme, contact me for a quick call, or take a look here and let’s get started!

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